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Cap Watkins

Founder, Practical Works

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Cap Watkins is a leadership coach in Brooklyn focused on non-executive leaders, as well as an organizational consultant. Previously, Cap was VP of Design at BuzzFeed, led design teams at Etsy and worked for companies like Amazon and a bunch of startups no one's ever heard of. :) Cap believes strongly in cross-functional, highly-collaborative teams, where every member shares product, design and technical responsibility in order to ship great outcomes.

Cap Watkins

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  • 600 121's
  • Wednesday 19th Jun 2019
  • 12:30 - 13:00

As a leadership coach, I've completed approximately 600 one-on-ones with designers and design leaders, as well as their counterparts in engineering and product management. Whenever I take on a new client, they consistently ask me about the common threads, the struggles we all face across various levels of leadership. In this talk, I'll dig into what I've learned over the past year of coaching designers and leaders, as well as how to thoughtfully approach the challenges we all universally face.

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