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Steve Johnson

Vice President of Product Design and Studio Design, Netflix

About Steve

Steve is a User Experience Executive who specializes in building and coaching creative, high-performance and diverse organizations which design and deliver thoughtful products. By combining his passion for technology, pop culture and people, Steve has been able to make the lives of consumers that use EA, Adobe, LinkedIn and Netflix’s products easier and more enjoyable and predictable.

Steve Johnson

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  • The Power of an Ally
  • Thursday 20th Jun 2019
  • 10:15 - 11:00

Rochelle King and Steve Johnson are colleagues, allies and true work BFF’s. Although both Steve and Rochelle have worked in the User Experience industry for close to 20 years working for some of the most influential names in Technology including; Spotify, Adobe, Intuit, LinkedIn, and Netflix, they are no strangers to feeling a bit different. Leading a creative organization can sometimes be a lonely job, especially if you feel like you are a minority representing creativity in a company that indexes toward Technology and Engineering.

Now both with Netflix, Rochelle and Steve celebrate the opportunity to work together as they not only support, challenge, and push each other to be their best, but for the first time in their careers, they have a partner who understands the personal challenges and difficulties of being a minority and person of color in the technology industry. We’ll talk about our journey together, and how joining forces has made all the difference in our ability to learn, teach and share with one another.

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